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"God's GIFT to us is more talent and ability than we'll ever use in a lifetime. Our GIFT to God is to develop as much of that talent and ability as we can in this lifetime." ~ Steve Bow

Quantum Leaps Don't Just Happen By Chance... Transform Your Mindset & Transform Your Life!

Soon You Will Realize You Need A Telescope To Look Back And See Your Life As It Is Today Because You've Come So Far...


The Exact "How To" Blueprint

There is truly a "Certain Way" to manifest your heart's truest desires. This program unlocks the keys to the kingdom. 


Group and Private Coaching

Receive a combination of group training, group Q&A calls, and private one-on-one coaching where we take a deep dive. 


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Environment is crucial to your success, because only a select few choose to do what you are choosing to do. 

"ME AND YOU TOGETHER won a victory of will, intuition, courage, knowledge and heart! …Un abbraccio to my great friend and spiritual Teacher. "

Marco Puccetti
Business Executive ~ Florence Italy

"CC is a godsend for any business owner. I have been through other processes before, but nothing compares to CC's knowledge, insight, heart, and caring way to cut right through what the issue is all about. She helped me see with great clarity who my model services are really for and who I most resonate with. Her Big Business Breakthrough session is more than just a breakthrough. I can't even think of word BIG enough to describe it. She has the uncanny ability to cut right through issues I was having in my business, and offered solutions, strategies and ideas to move forward with confidence. As a result from my session, I have 4 pages of jammed-packed notes and a clear next-step action plan to move forward this year and serve my higher purpose, not only in my business and to myself, but in the world. CC's light and love really shines through and you instantly feel this when you are talking with her. "

Maggie Keenan, Ed.D.
Leave Your Legacy & Creative Giving Programs

"CC thank you so much for helping me with my presentation going in for that big meeting. I nailed it!"

Jenny Gulczynski
Healthcare Executive

"CC blew me away… I had something come up… It was amazing how CC was totally levelheaded and yet empathetic and compassionate and helped me to see exactly what was going on and gave me the exact steps to take so that I would feel immediate relief. By the end we were laughing and joking and I felt totally refreshed. CC is the counselor for overwhelmed entrepreneurs! She helps you take your 911 business emergency and totally make sense out of it in no time. I highly recommend working with CC to resolve whatever unexpected issues come up in your business."

Mariana Cooper
Intuitive Life Strategist & Author

"People kept asking me, 'How are you marketing this event? What’s working?' I didn’t have time to put together everything I did to market my workshop, but I wanted to share with people my plan. I made an agreement with CC. I just shipped her everything in a BIG BOX to go through and CC really put everything together for my product Workshop Marketing Secrets: How to Make $100,000.00 or more in a single weekend. And then we did a call to give an overview of the whole thing. I wish I had this to model for me when I was first starting out..."

Ali Brown

"Can't tell you how much CC and her dynamite program really accelerated the birth of my own info product suite. I was simply overwhelmed with all the key information I was generating. In her sweet and savvy way, she helped me hone in and cut through to the essentials, determine my pricing structure and packaging, and enabled me to pull my own program together and launch it within 30 days. Thanks, CC, well worth the investment! "

Nancy Lee Bentley
Wholistic Health Expert and Author of Truly Cultured

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